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Snow Plowing by Delapaz


Let It Snow... We Have You Covered

   After a fresh snow fall, Delapaz Lawn Care Services can clear your property to restore access and usability. We blow snow right off a roadway, cleaning down to the asphalt or concrete. You'll discover that Delapaz Lawn Care Services takes great pride in our work, ensuring our clients a comfortable winter environment with outstanding customer service.


   We work 24hrs a day to make your winter painless and enjoyable. Our snow removal service is fully automated. Don't worry about calling in the plows, we are on 24/7 weather watch. Residential snow removal clients enjoy a professionally maintained property which is clean, safe, and free of snow all winter long, for much less than the price of a snow blower.

  We take pride in the fact that we don't just run the plow up and down your driveway three times and go on to the next house. We always get out of the truck and clean up with a shovel to be positive that all edges, entrances, sidewalks and steps are clear.

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Phone: 224.600.6017