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Lawn Aeration (coring / plugging) by Delapaz

What is Lawn Aeration?

Practically speaking, lawn aeration is the mechanical process of removing thousands of small cores of thatch and soil from your lawn to relieve compaction and allow for improved air, water and nutrient movement within your lawns root system.

What are the benefits of aeration?

Aeration helps the lawn’s health and vigor by–

 • Improves water absorption and reduces water runoff

 • Reduced soil compaction

 • Improved fertilizer uptake

 • Reduces thatch buildup

 • Improved turf-grass rooting





When is the Best Time of Year to Aerate?

We recommend the spring season (March through May). Summer and fall seasons are still beneficial, however, the spring season is the best time to wake up your lawn and get it ready for the stressful summer time heat.



How Often Should Aeration Be Done?


For most residential lawns, once every spring is what we recommend. In extreme situations such as extreme thatch buildup or high use lawns we would suggest twice a year, spring and fall.


What happens with all those little cores that are left my lawn? It’s best to leave the cores to naturally breakdown. This usually takes just a few weeks and helps control thatch. Think of aeration as cultivation without damaging your lawn. If you are having an event that requires activity on your lawn, then we might suggest that you delay the aeration following your event.

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